Saturday, January 2, 2016

What to Do? Malingering Cat Ruins Christmas

While we're waiting for our staff musicians to tune their instruments...(*1),

Success is the best revenge.

...let's explore the origins of this quote (*2)

* Footnotes
(1) ...that is, killing time until the ad on Youtube finishes.

(2)Attributed to the Englishman George Herbert, a 17th century Anglican priest who also made significant literary contributions, the same sentiment is also expressed in a French proverb.

The exact wording of the George Herbert quote is:  "Right living is the best revenge." With the virtuous "right living" replacing the comparatively vulgar "success," it does indeed sound more sermonesque. If I really wanted revenge on someone, I'd mentally give them the back of my hand with a curl of my lip and a haughty "Le succès à tout prix." 

And then I'd show them. (**1) 

"Ahoy there, all my imaginary friends following me & my blog!
Hop right in!
All aboard?"
[Cracks whip.]
"Get ready for the ride of my life."

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