Monday, June 27, 2016

What I've Learned from the Alternate Right Blogs

Hitler was able to rise to power because he proposed a solution to eliminate a scapegoat  for Germany's failing economy.  Desperate for relief, the Germans accepted the argument that the Jews were to blame: so many of the bankers were Jews, after all. Centuries-old anti- Semitism, combined with the morale-boosting notion that Germans had come from a superior Aryan race created a mindset that Jews were less than human, and that the patriotic thing, indeed the Christian thing to do, was to round them up like vermin and eliminate them.

Fast-forward to the twenty-first century. The Alternate Right movement consists mainly of whites--many of them unemployed whites who find their economic condition humiliating and hopeless. The welfare, affirmative action, and immigrant-welcoming programs that were created to correct injustices to minorities, here and abroad, have now created, in the Alternate Right view, a growing and permanently entitled class that threatens to make the whites themselves the minority. Even though there are many factors contributing to the country's indebtedness and generally poor economic outlook, scapegoats need to be living breathing beings lower down on the food chain, capable of being rounded up and sent over the horizon: minorities and immigrants, you're it.   On the other hand, Alternate Right whites would say that Social Justice Warriors have made whites, especially white males,  the scapegoats for pretty much everything that's wrong in society as it was, is, and ever shall be.

Am I comparing the Alternative Right to Nazis? Some of them welcome the affiliation, (and they're scary as all get-out) but not all of them do, neither do they deserve it.
With each terrorist act that occurs in Europe and the USA, the term "radical Islam" becomes more closely identified with immigration Increasing immigration is a tough sell for some of the survivors of terrorist attacks in Boston and San Bernardino and Orlando  And on the other other hand, have you ever talked to an immigrant and his family who spent three years in  refugee camps (fleeing Joseph Kony's --there's no other word for it-- Satanic Lord's Resistance Army)  going through the  screening process required before they were allowed to come to the USA?  I have and -- I'm not virtue signaling here -- the Dad wants to polish up his already college-level English, and my  friends and I have been helping him out with that.  IBefore the Alt-Right comes knocking for people like him,  I'm hoping a modern day secret society  of the likes of  Dietrich Bonhoeffer, Oskar Schindler and Corrie Ten Boom is raised up. God might have to sift through the dregs of the "Churchians" (the Alt-Right term for "the Church of Nice"), but the Lord can use anyone available in a pinch.

Every word is a fightin' word these days. Everyone's angry and almost everyone's armed, legally or otherwise. Should there be fewer guns? Not going to happen. More reasonable dialogue? We can only hope.

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