Tuesday, June 28, 2016

I'm not TAD! My husband's name is...

SO I'M GOING TO DO A LITTLE FREE WRITING HERE...My husband's name is...I'll have to give that some thought. I told him I was writing a blog and that I wasn't going to reveal personal details, but if I <i>did</i>  did write something about him, a glowing account perhaps,  what might he liked  like to be called?  

Well, my My husband doesn't mind my having blog, because the more I blog, the less I talk, but he's also not  neither is he really interested in what I write in here, glowing account or no. So, without giving it much thought,  he said, "I shall be called Mr. Athena."  (This was Its  It's based on a private joke between us which I won't share --not that it would be throwing pearls before swine--but there's too much back story to tell before you'd be able to enjoy it. Maybe later.)

Well I'm not going to call him Mr. Athena, because Athena is the name of a goddess,and calling a man that would be "gamma."    that's a gamma name for a man.  

I'm off to pick raspberries.

(*1)I edited the  Free Write. 

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