Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Pro Tip: Remember Where You Parked Your Car

Hello. Today is Wisdom Wednesday at my blog.
There was a season of my life, when I was in the last months of  pregnancy,  when I had to leave work in the middle of the day  a couple of times a week for ultrasounds. The snow was falling heavily--almost constantly--that time of year, and the plows had a hard time keeping up. It was tiring  to trudge through the white stuff.

We used the term "white stuff" half the time and "snow" the other half, the way people alternate "pope" and "pontiff"  when the pope happens to be in the news a lot. Stylistic thing, I guess.  Several inches of the white stuff would've been accumulating on the car roof all morning, making it difficult for people to identify their cars, unless they happened to know their license plate numbers, which...I didn't. I never paid attention to where I'd parked, either. There must have been acres and acres in that parking lot.

Finally a co-worker couldn't hold it in any longer. She shared with me that as soon as someone in a cubicle near mine had seen that I'd left our second-floor office for a doctor's appointment, she or he hershee they would spread the word.  My co-workers would head over to the big window overlooking the parking lot, and have a good time watching me wandering around looking for my car. I think there may even have been betting involved.
These days, after I park and am walking toward the store or what have you, I am trying to be more responsible about remembering to frequently look back  so I can strengthen the  impression in my mind of what my car might look like when I'm walking toward it.  I think it might be fun to experiment with bread crumbs or Reese's Pieces but for now this system is working out pretty well for me.
Now some of you may feel let down because you'd hoped that you might be learning something you didn't know already on this Wisdom Wednesday.  Well, it's not all about you. It's very likely someone will come away from this blog saying, "Hmm. Reese's Pieces. That might work."

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