Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Warped, Wounded and Rerouted

I have stopped trying to put myself into categories, resigning myself to being (or should it be, celebrating myself as?) a work  in progress.

Once in awhile, when I've spent too much time absorbing the vibe of the most bigoted voices in the comment sections of alt-right blogs--as I have been doing  recently--  the pressure inside me builds and builds until  an entry like "Some of My Best Friends Are the Yooos" just pops out!

But other times, for instance, after I've listened to the frustrations of male engineers  who have been by-passed for promotions  given to people with the right race or gender, but sometimes inferior talent and intellect, I want to write a quiet, reasoned response to the more strident voices among the Social Justice Warriors. When this happens in a wide-spread way as a matter of national policy, it leads to things like shoddy construction of  bridges, and that's not good for anybody.

Don't even get me started right now on  (1) meditation on the Bible verses that are frequently quoted by righteous, generally compassionate people about the evils of gender confusion and (2) the pain and loneliness of an Evangelical mom who has discovered her beautiful four year old trying to cut off his penis with a nail clipper. 

The written word is so powerful!   I've been writing two book reviews that I am now polishing up. One is on -- you guessed it!--Man's Search for Meaning The second book has been very difficult to review because its author is a friend who has asked for honesty.  The struggle has been worth it:  as I've been writing what (I think) will be the last paragraph of that second review, I feel so much calmer about the uncharted nature of my journey

To establish balance, one must return to the most enduring message of the book, reflected in its title: Whispers in the Windstorm.  Whether one faces a life-threatening health crisis, or the ongoing challenge of living sanely, generously, and graciously in a world whose wealth is so unevenly distributed, there is this  promise: the habit of listening and submitting to the quiet leading of the Spirit of God in your own heart will lead to  the miraculous unfolding of transformation..    [Review by Irene Athena]

[Public domain image of monarch butterfly: Thanks, David Wagner!]

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