Thursday, July 28, 2016

Wanted: Angel to End the War on Terror

I've linked to an article that  matters to those who cast their votes on the basis of a candidate's appearance.  Posted a few minutes into her speech, it's about the  outfit Hillary wore, white pantsuit with silver ear rings and a delicate necklace. How to compare Trump at his acceptance speech to Hillary at hers?  The lighting at the RNC was just right, so that Trump's hair positively glowed, halo-like, seeming to emanate ethereally, rather than actually grow, from his head.  Hillary, too, all in white, looked rather angelic. May the best  Blond Elder Cherub win.


Here is the issue that matters most to me: who is going to end the War on Terror? It's been going on since October 7, 2001. Ever since then, the US has been "fighting them over there so we don't have to fight them over here."  Time to try plan B. More bombs "over there" have made, and will continue to make, more lone wolf terrorists over here, Homeland Security measures notwithstanding.

I can't see the War on Terror ending any other way than people deciding that it's gone on long enough and trying a different approach.  Spend money on things that really make for peace and international security, namely the prevention of the radicalization of more youth who have  nothing to lose The US and our allies have spent so much money destroying Muslim countries, and giving war materiel and military training to the Shi'ite and, alternately, his enemy the Sunni. Maybe it's time  for a serious rebuilding project like the Marshall Plan.  Maybe teenagers considering joining ISIS would change their minds  if they saw these projects being undertaken, in their ghettos in Europe, in their miserable refugee camps in the Middle East, and in the communities where they're living in the US.

It could happen. 

Catholics and Protestants were massacring each other for centuries. At some point in history, the Catholics and Protestants buried the hatchet. There were hold-outs in Northern Ireland for awhile, but now, the only bloodshed in what's left of the battle between the Prots and the Papists is spilled rhetorically on message boards.

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