Friday, July 29, 2016

Ladies only: Dyed my hair pink for my husband's birthday!

[UNCHARACTERISTICALLY LONG POST.  Ladies Only. There are more concise posts to choose from in the list to the far right. There's nothing of interest in this Family Friday post for men unless you do hair, or like to listen in on how ladies talk to one another.  See you on Saturnine Saturday maybe, or Thank God It's Sunday, or Maybe Mathematical/Mystical Monday, or the Twelve Days of Christmas and the Tree That's Completely P.C. which I am postponing til Christmas in August.]

...and he hasn't noticed yet! (*1)  I saw Helen Mirren and Cindi Lauper with that look in First for Women magazine earlier this summer, and I figured if they could pull it off, maybe I could, too. So, while Mr. Athena was out for his run, I sprayed this spray-paint pink stuff from an aerosol can that I got for $5 at Walgreens.(*2)

So right after he got back from running, Mr. Athena and I watched an entire episode of NCIS and he still hadn't said anything about the hair by the end of it. He usually figures out soon into the show "who dunnit" but this episode (you know, the one where Ziva and Tony are in Paris together?) I was able to explain to him what "why did you lie to McGee?" "well, why did you lie to Nora?" meant. Tee hee. So... I'm writing this entry in a hurry.   I'm down in the basement to feed the cat and take care of my online obligations before I go upstairs.

On the weekend schedule for Mr. A's birthday weekend:

A. Tomorrow early we are going to watch a friend who does a home care radio show every Saturday morning. He is going to be doing the show live from a solar panel installation. Mr. A told him he wished solar panels weren't against the neighborhood covenants, and then learned from the friend that there's a law making it illegal for Home Owners Associations to forbid installation of solar panels. I don't know how I feel about that law from a libertarian point of view, although it works out for us since we'd like to do solar panels unless they look ugly. On the other hand, the HOA's are like another layer of government, so maybe it is a l"ibertarianally" kosher for laws that keep HOA's in check.
B. I am going to try to do something with the super-abundance of blackberries, raspberries and peaches that Mr. Athena  grew and I harvested this week. He likes berry bread a lot, so I'll make that, with stevia though, because what's the point of his running routine if I put sugar in everything? (*4)
C. OK so here's the thing about  peaches and immigrants.  I had to pick them all off when they were sort of smallish before the squirrels got to them all. I got three paper bags full of good ones, and started figuring out how I was going to use them all for us. Well, I went to the place where I tutor immigrants and refugees, and one of the Mexicans had brought in a full paper-bag full of peaches to share with the other immigrants and refugees and the tutors. It had not even occurred to me to share my peaches with anyone outside the family.  He asked why I wasn't taking any, and I explained why not, and we commiserated about squirrels together. In English! Yay!
D. So I could can the peaches but all the recipes I know about, you need sugar. Maybe I should look for some recipes with stevia. You really don't want to experiment with Canning Recipes.  But I did find (in First for Women magazine) a recipe for freezer jam, blackberry and also peach, using honey stevia and for the thickener, chia seeds. I'm going to make up a bunch of that for Mr. Athena. I think he'll like that.
E. Birthday Card.

(*1) Or maybe he's following the age-old advice, if you can't think of anything nice to say, don't say anything at all.
(*2) The brand I bought had warning label about how cancerous it is, and if you inhale it you could die.
Il faut suffrir d'etre belle, I guess. (**2)
(*3)Pink Hair Girl Photo: Public Domain

(**2) I fuss so about sodium nitrite in meat and pesticides on fruit, but that has to do with the food I am buying for my loved ones.  IreneAthena is a woman of contradictions.  I don't think I'm going to put that poison stuff on my hair again. It'll easily wash out, maybe before traditional service on Sunday morning?

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