Friday, July 1, 2016

Pilot Episode: They Call Themselves the Ilk Thursday

Yesterday was the first ever "Wisdom Wednesday" at my blog, and if all goes according to plan, I will be writing my first "Family Secrets Friday" post tomorrow.  Today  stands unique amongst all the previous Thursdays at my blog, because it is the Thursday in the very first week during which I will devote only a single day to reacting to something I've read on an Alternate Right blog.  This past Monday was the final Monday I will ever *pinkie promise to myself* react to something on an Alternate Right blog. Henceforth, all Mondays will be Mystical and/or Mathematical Mondays.

But it's Thursday today, so I can react away! I first discovered Vox Day back in the day when if someone said good things about Ron Paul, that person was good people, in my book. Once I'd visited the blog a few times, I got to know the personalities of the different folks there, and I got in the habit of stopping by to argue with them in the comments section. Good times. Oh, and I'd read the articles sometimes, too.

 I do remember one memorable conversation with "Bane" (pbuh.) We were discussing a method, passed down from generation to generation in his family, of seasoning a cast iron skillet so that ever afterward, one could fry fish in it, splash a little water on it to clean it, and then immediately use the pan to prepare something like...I don't know, Bananas Foster perhaps...and there would be no fishy taste to it at all.  That's not the type of conversation that comes to mind when most people remember the man. He was a character. Lots of characters in the comments over at Vox's; there still are, and the more vehemently I disagree with them, the more interesting they seem to be.

I drifted away from the site for a few years, but I continued the habit of writing multi-paragraph comments on a variety of topics all over this world wide web. Another regular at one of those sites convinced me to finally cut and paste one of those comments and submit the dang thing as an article, it was long enough anyway. And so I did, and soon started dreaming of having my very own blog.

One day, maybe, I will write books, and then this blog will be my official web site for me to market those books, and generally affect the course of human history in a myriad of other ways. Meanwhile, I'm observing Vox to see how it's done. So, in this my first They Call Themselves the Ilk Thursday, I will do what the Dark Lord himself would do in a situation like the one I find myself in today.

(*styles my hair into a faux maux-hawk*)

BOY HOWDY! I had projected, based on hourly observations of my Blogpost stats over the weekend, that by the evening of June 30, my "Pageviews all time history" would pass the 500 mark. Little could I have imagined that, by that time,  in a single day, there would actually be... wait for it....two hundred and eight visits to my blog, blasting that original projection of 500 hits right into the stratosphere, folks. "Pageview all time history" as of  as of 40 seconds ago was 699. Come on, come on, my devoted fan at the website giving away "free" hoverboards, hit me just one more time again so I can join the Elite 700 Club!  I know a certain cat-blogger is probably looking over his shoulder getting very nervous right now.

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