Thursday, July 28, 2016

Were They Trying to Ridicule Me?

Pshaw! I say. If so, did they honestly think they could, with their ridicule, put a dent in the psychic armor of someone who could write an essay like "Pro-Tip: Remember Where You Parked Your Car" about herself?

Today is a "Day Off Thursday" that is not actually a Day Off,  because I've already had a week off from writing while I was traveling.

The object  of the ridicule was as follows (or the issue might have been as follows, since many are they who are ridiculed by Those Who Call Themselves the Ilk):  I had remarked in a comment that many whites would not want to live in a state where only whites could live, because they would not want to have to drive out-of-state to get an authentic ethnic meal, for example.   For example is a key phrase here; I wrote a post here on my blog about the many benefits of getting along with people unlike oneself .

For a few days after this, Those Who Call Themselves the Ilk made frequent sarcastic comments about encouraging immigration to the US so we could enjoy authentic ethnic cooking. One of them boasted that he could figure out the recipe for tacos on his own. 

Knock yourself out, white boy! To the right is a picture of a dhosa  I enjoyed in Canada this week at a restaurant run by immigrants from Sri Lanka.

I picture with disgust Those Who Call Themselves the Ilk dousing this dhosa with abundant lashings of melted Velveeta Cheeze. I will, however, defend with my life their right to do so, as long as they do so in the privacy of their own remote, racially pure compounds. See? No hard feelings on my part.

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