Saturday, August 13, 2016

On the Water

I VERY briefly envisioned myself, standing up in the boat, or to be on the dock.... me, a prophetess calling out  to those launching their fancy sailboats and party pontoons, "Do you hedonists  have any idea how many people in the world don't even have clean *drinking* water?"  

Instead, I absorbed the joy of ear-to-ear grins of people as they achieved balance on water-skis. This is where I found myself today. This is where it was given me to be. I stayed on the boat, and bore the orange flag aloft as safety required. 

And I will, please God, bear clean water to  thirsty people, as compassion--not guilt-- requires, on other days.

Earlier, I had read about Jesus teaching about seed that falls on no-soil -at-all, on stony soil,  on soil full of thorns, and finally, on good soil. He delivered this farming allegory while sitting in a boat,  the crowd listening to him from the shore. That was interesting to me, and something I thought about as we sped along.
I saw, speckled with low dusty-green sagebrush in some parts, and blackened and browned by a recent  wildfire in others, the foothills, deeply wrinkled and mounded like old army blankets around the lake. 

What kind of kind of soil does Lectio Divina (*1) from Matthew 13 fall on? Sometimes it is BURNT OUT, BURNT OVER soil, that's what kind of soil!   What do you do when you feel burnt out, burned over, withered, a heretic? 

There are all kinds of soil in a soul, all kinds of terrain. Keep on walking, stopping, listening, then taking up your journey again. Be patient.


Lectio Divina. You read a short passage--I read from "backwards P paragraph sign" to "backwards P paragraph sign" in my Bible-- three times, then pick a short phrase, maybe  just a word or three, that stands out.  That takes about three minutes. That's Lectio Divina. Then you meditate on that phrase for 20 minutes. That's called centering prayer.

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