Wednesday, August 17, 2016

If you don't want refugees, Trump, then stop making them.

It's good that Trump is denouncing America's foreign nation-building schemes.

He's making the mistake, though of thinking  we can end the war in Iraq, by fighting there, with the resolution to keep on fighting there...until it ends...which will happen...when?...when the regime changes?  How is this strategy different from the one the US has had in Iraq, and Syria, Libya, Somalia, Pakistan, Yemen and Afghanistan, across Democrat and Republican administrations, for the last fifteen years?

It's time to come home.

And where is 'home' for the refugees?

Fair treatment of people who have been displaced by our foreign policy should be considered a matter of national security. That's not just syrupy do-good-erism. It's smart: the patience of the down-trodden has a limit.

We won't be spending as much on defense anymore.  What can be done with the savings?  Use your imagination. Beat the swords into ploughshares.  

Now, where have we heard  that before?

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