Friday, August 12, 2016

Meditating with Crying or Other Unpleasantness

I finished listening to Fr. Thomas Keating's "Contemplative Prayer" today.  It was reassuring.

Once you've gotten into meditating, don't be surprised at what comes to the surface. Up and OUT, for good and better. I've heard and read more than a few people say: contemplative prayer can be upsetting in surprising ways, for awhile at least.

I haven't heard the same crises being described during meditation that one is prescribed for say, reducing blood pressure. When God is invited to be part of the process, there seems to be a difference.

The goal of this way of praying is not introspection for its own sake, but God-ordained change on the inside,  so that one is made ready to love and serve Him and love and serve other people for the right motives. The wrong motives are being exposed, a lot of other painful things are being shaken lose, and it ain't pretty.

"Just wave goodbye to it, just as cheerfully as you can under the circumstances," Fr. Keating advises.

I must keep on going, even though it has been, and will be rough sailing, til whatever needs to go has gone.  For a season. 

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