Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Wednesday Wisdom: Don't be Afraid to Pray

Grape harvest in.  Experiments with making raisins. Grape jelly turned out very well. Mr A glad I chose to make the low-sugar version, as I did with the berry jam and peach jam this summer. Neither one of us can imagine wanting something sweeter now.

I'm reading the story about Jesus and the Samaritan woman for a Bible discussion group I go to on Thursday mornings, and it's bringing back memories.

One summer, years ago, a supervisor asked me to talk with a co-worker who was acting crazy. He wanted me to calm her down and get her back to the task at hand. Either right before or right after the supervisor spoke to me, the Bible reference "John 4:27" came to mind. I didn't know what words went with the Scripture, so I looked them up before I walked over her way.

"And upon this came his disciples, and marvelled that he talked with the woman: yet no man said, What seekest thou? or Why talkest thou with her."

I was just a kid in college back then, but for some reason the foreman thought I'd know how to handle this.  Maybe it was because I carried a Bible to work with me back in those days.

The lady was saying some crazy stuff about her being Jesus' twin sister. It all had to do with hormones, I was told. There were people at home who knew of her situation, but she was considered well enough to go to work. I remember praying with her. The coincidence of the John 4:27 verse coming to mind helped with my not being self-conscious about doing that, even in the middle of the factory floor. She did calm down and get back to her particular task on the assembly line. I was called over to calm her down a time or two more before the summer break and the summer job ended, and I went back to school.

We were making eyeglass frames, using pantographs to do it. Bet that's a new word for you, isn't it?! 

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