Wednesday, November 16, 2016


I started a new job "outside the home" this month, and I'm having to adjust.  Scheduling sleep and exercise and regular meals and meditation needs to get back on track. No more posting in blogs or Facebook until I've done all those other things--as of tomorrow.   I can no longer be a perfectionist about clutter and  messes around the house. Home has become a place to crash, rather than a place to feel anxious about.  Everyone is happier and more relaxed.  As long as there's grub in the house, the menfolk (almost-grown son and husband ) are happy.The extra money doesn't hurt either. I crave more order and tidiness...but that will come once I've adjusted, and in a more balanced way.  I wish I were doing something more creative,'m blogging, and cooking grape pies. Keeping a warm and inviting house without going overboard is creative. I want that balance.

Also this month, because of the election, I got back into Facebook  and spent way too much time fretting over it.  What a ride!  All the way from sputtering  "What the H-E-Double hockey sticks are they thinking? I'll give them a peace [sic] of my mind!!!"  to perseveration and second-guessing.  "O gosh, did I go too far? on like, my own  Facebook page?? Of course you didn't go too far! It's your page! Get some attitude, girl!...but I hurt their feelings, see how angry I made them...I'm a bitch...No I'm not...."

I think I'm getting the hang of persuasion, whether I'm trying to change an acquaintance's mind in a tête–à–tête or minds-by-the-small-handful in my writing,  the method for persuasion that suits me best involves first seeking to understand what's preventing a person from seeing things my way, especially if their opposition comes floating along a river of  overwhelming emotions.  That's where their head is--no use trying to reason them out of it the torrent--but that doesn't mean the conversation is over. Without having to agree with them, I can let them know I'm listening. Resisting  the urge to escalate, no matter how angry I feel, I can empathize and de-escalate. Then the "persuadee" may be open to listening to the emotional motivations I have for believing/acting as I do.  And if she is engaged in listening to me "speak from the heart,"  I can gradually slip some facts and reason into the conversation, and those ideas will be coming from a companion rather than from an adversary, and will have a chance of being at least considered, if not embraced.

I try not to be a bitch publicly or one-to-one, and for the most part, I think I'm doing all right.

That's a lot of personal crap I just wrote. I've put the part worth most generally useful in bold. 

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Trump's Transition Team wants your input

Fantasy Activism:
PhotobucketAnti-Trump protesters, put down your torches and pitch forks, will ya?
Channel your rage by sending a polite but emphatic tweet to @transition2017
Members of Trump's transition team are eager to hear from you!

Tweet Trump's transition team, "John Bolton for Secretary of State? Thank you, no."

Something more realistic.

@transition2017 John Bolton for SecState  NO!!! Member of PNAC that sold the Iraq War to USA.


Sunday, November 13, 2016

I gave them a piece of my mind!

I was this || close in the last post, but now I've gone and done it, but on my own Facebook page, not theirs, and of course, without the h-e-double-hockeysticks exclamation.  I did end the post on a positive note, expressing my hopes for their renewed vigilance over foreign policy matters now that a Republican is in office.

It is the day after November 11, Veteran's Day, less popularly known as Armistice Day, the Day when we celebrate the end of the War to End All Wars, some one hundred odd years and dozens of wars ago. Since it's the day after Veteran's Day, there is a reduced likelihood of my being accused of being unpatriotic for sharing with my readers my favorite source for encouragement in taking a stand against militarism:

One of the things I like about is that it's not politically biased toward any party. Democrats, Republicans, even Libertarians come under scrutiny for their foreign policy stances.

Here are two articles from, one is hard to read if you voted for Trump,

the other, not so much, although it's does recommend keeping an eye on him.

Saturday, November 12, 2016

did trump supporters create climate of fear for refugees?

I read a Facebook post urging white evangelical Trump supporters to repent for the hostile environment they helped create for minorities, especially refugees. I am this || close to asking in reply "where the H-e-double hockey sticks were your ten times a day Facebook posts when something needed to be said about the destruction of those refugees' original homes, the destabilization of their countries of origin???? "

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

You have to be more than "Pro-Life" to get my vote

You have to be more than "pro-life" to get my vote because...
..."pro-life" since the 1972 US Supreme Court decision to legalize abortion, has often been a label adopted by war-mongering hawks who are actually anything but.
..."family values" often appeals to "I don't know any homosexuals, and I don't understand what they say what they need, but I do know  that I'm agin' 'em."

I'll tell this about myself. In the not inconsiderable number of years that have passed since that 1972 Supreme Court decision, one of the controversial positions on which I've never wavered concerns the humanity of organisms still in the maternal womb. What are they if not human? They're human and they deserve respect and compassion! That's what I've always believed, and I don't see myself changing my views on that.

And if they are human, why would a politician who is otherwise "pro-life" make political decisions to deny that human  a safe place to live outside the womb as well as inside it? to relegate him to a life of poverty where the alternative to unemployment or jobs that do not pay a living wage is often enlistment in the military?  And how many  military engagements (where the US allegiances are oftentimes fuzzily defined at best) can be legitimately classified as "pro-life?" to deny shelter (in his own country, if not in ours)  to residents of lands where US foreign policy has disrupted the social order?