Sunday, December 25, 2016

#3 Gift Idea for the Baby Jesus

He hath shewed thee, O man, what is good; and what doth the LORD require of thee, but to do justly, and to love mercy, and to walk humbly with thy God?    --Micah 6:8

Friday, December 23, 2016

#2 Gift Idea for the Baby Jesus

Then shall the righteous answer him, saying, Lord, when saw we thee 
              an hungred, and fed thee? 
                        or thirsty, and gave thee drink?
When saw we thee a stranger, and took thee in?
                                  or naked, and clothed thee?
Or when saw we thee sick, or in prison, and came unto thee?

And the King shall answer and say unto them, Verily I say unto you, Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me.       Matthew 25: 37 - 40

Thursday, December 22, 2016

#1 Gift Idea for the Baby Jesus

"But everyone must be quick to hear, slow to speak and slow to anger;  for the anger of man does not achieve the righteousness of God."   James 1: 19,20

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Four Years Late and Two Hundred Sixty-Nine Votes Short...

...but RON PAUL did  finally get an electoral vote this week.    Viva la  rEVOLution!

Hello.  Today is "Tuesday what's the News Day" at My blog.   The second biggest news is that I've decided to let people "in real life" know about my blog.  Welcome.

                                               We are Dancing on Common Ground

                                                                   Graphic Credit

People on opposite sides of the great Trump divide have been calling one another morons, lib-tards, unpatriotic flag-burners, racists, baby-killers -- and oh! cover your ears, Baby Jesus -- not real Christians.

I'm not going to wag my finger, because I understand what it's like to care so much about a candidate that I've taken it personally when someone doesn't share my enthusiasm, or worse, outright impugns my candidate's character.

After Ron Paul's second failed bid for the presidency in 2012,  the "fight" just went out of me. I didn't become apathetic, it's just that these days I'm less interested in bringing people over to "my side" than I am in finding common ground.

So, occasionally, on Tuesdays (every other Tuesday? every fifth? frequency will vary) I will post something about a divisive issue here in my blog, and invite people to read it. Please feel free to share your views in the comments. I might still be needing someone to help me make up my mind.

How Will Trump's Presidency Affect Africa?

So there are three perspectives I've found. One is not-so-hot on Trump, one is from a Trump enthusiast, and one suggests, "let's make the best of it."

First this one from a Libertarian blog. Using forces already operating on that continent, especially with a heightened emphasis on the America First philosophy, Trump may be no better for Africa than were previous president. Washington's Commandos without Borders.

Now we travel to an Alt Right blog. Optimistic about Trump as well as Africa, the contributing author is getting torn apart in the comments by white supremacists. If nothing else, it's illustrative of the wide range of folk who voted for Trump. How Donald Trump can Save Africa.

Next stop: AllAfrica blog to see one black man's view.  In How Africa Should Seek to Benefit from a Trump Administration, Dennis Matanda takes an "it is what it is" philosophy and suggests ways Africa can make the best of it. 
"Ironically, in spite of uncertainty wrought by this Early Trump Era, Africa could herself rebalance her yet-to-ripe partnership with the world’s largest economy. In fact, if Africa proposed an innovative, mutually beneficial and uniquely transformational trade policy blueprint to augment the African Growth & Opportunity Act (AGOA), a real paradigm shift in the U.S.-Africa dynamic should occur over the next 12-month period. ...ultimately graduating Africa from being dependent on the West to becoming a co-partner... Africa must know that she has supporters and strategic stakeholders in the United States. The effort to achieve a new blueprint must start now."

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Jingle Bell and Electoral Vote Count

It is Mystical/Mathematical Monday at my blog. 

COUNTING, mathematical.  Some of the jingle bells were green, and others were pink or gold, and they left glitter behind on the couch where I was counting them for a friend's “Guess How Many Jingle Bells Are in the Jar” contest.

As I was counting, I remembered  that simultaneously electoral votes were also being counted in capitals all across these United States.  The jingling led to an Idea You Might Write Your Congressperson about.

Jingle-jangling over the electoral college has been a topic of discussion for a long time, but the noise about the pros and cons only seems to come at election time. The stakes are just too high  at that time for either winners or losers to give both positions fair consideration.  The Powers Who Put Things on the National Calendar need to pick a time in 2018 and designate it “Determine-Once-and-For-All-If-We-Keep-the-Electoral-College-Week.”

COUNTING, Mystical.  Spiritual party-poopers say:  Osiris-Isis-Horus, therefore, the Father-Holy Spirit-Jesus Trinity or  Holy Spirit-Mary-Jesus triad are just reworked pagan ideas. May their eyes be opened to the beauty of three-ness.  The Universe, reflecting God’s glory, is shot through with threes, there for seekers throughout history to find.

Thursday, December 8, 2016

I am Partly Responsible for the Cubs' World Series Victory

For many weeks now, I've wanted to write this post for a "Mystical and/or Mathematical Monday"  at my blog.  Mondays have been pretty busy, so I'm going to use "The Day Off Thursday" to give credit where credit is due.

Back in July, I brought awareness to -- oh! who knows how many baseball fans? and countless others who cared not a whit for baseball but still had the power to influence the outcome of one of its most important contests -- about the cosmic significance  of the number 108.  I got people thinking about  "one hundred and eight" as the number of steps in a complete journey,  and I got folks musing about the wondrous ratio seemingly built right into the relative sizes and distances between the Earth, Moon and Sun.

And the resulting accumulated hours of awed contemplation about 108 being the number of steps in a complete journey was precisely enough to tip the cosmic balance in favor of The Chicago Cubs, whose 108-year journey from World Series victory to World Series victory ended this fall. The story of their triumph is embroidered with many other 108 facts and folklore that has verified as..."mostly true." 

108 stitches in a baseball: MOSTLY TRUE

A.G. Spalding's office originally located at 108 W. Madison Street: MIXTURE

The left and right field corners at Wrigley Field are 108 meters from home plate. TRUE

TD Ameritrade is located on 108th street in Omaha, Nebraska. TRUE

The movie Taking Care Of Business, which shows the Chicago Cubs winning the World Series, is 108 minutes long. TRUE

The movie Back to the Future Part IIwhich shows the Chicago Cubs winning the World Series, is 108 minutes long. TRUE

Emil Verban's batting average in 1950 was 108. TRUE

Before 2016, the last time the Chicago Cubs won a World Series Game was on 10/8 in 1945. TRUE
Some people trust news sites that tell them which news sites are fake news sites. is reliable insofar as it agrees with what I believe, and I think most people who use it to school others, and which others have used to in turn school them, feel the same way about Snopes.

I am glad is not a news site, fake or otherwise. A force for good in the Universe? Ask the Cubs.

Saturday, December 3, 2016

Gonna Lay My Comment-Making Pen Down (for Now) O Lord

Note Dec 3:  In the post with the title Alt-Right in Dulce Jubilo (previously called something else), I've removed a couple of paragraphs  describing comments I have posted, will post,  or may post in other people's blogs. It takes me a long time to write anything at all, even a small comment.  I look back at the time I've spent writing in the comment sections of other people's blogs and wonder about how much of it has been wasted time.  I am sure I don't have time to write about writing those comments. Take right now for instance...

Smells Like the Sixties

Conceived late Friday night, for Family (Secrets) Friday at my blog

I remember getting the croup when I was little.  Dad got the shower going really hot, and then carried me, kicking and struggling, into the steamy bathroom, to open the airways, of course.  Heaped onto the pile of  terror of not being able to breathe was the unquiet assurance that he was going to throw me under the scalding water. (*1)

One of my best and most easily recreated memories, though, is of the end of those terrifying croupy nights, when cool scented mist all around me replaced the bathroom's angry steam,  the vaporizer pop-pock-pockling near my bed where I was breathing easy once again.

Even now, when I  hold an open jar of Vick's Vape-o-Rub to my face,  I'm being  transitioned from the 4th to the 5th movement  of Beethoven's Pastoral Symphony. Frohe und dankbare Gef├╝hle nach dem Sturm: Cheerful and thankful feelings after the storm.


(*1) Why would I have imagined that my father would do that? He was generally a kind man, sure, but he was also the man who had hauled me away to the hospital to have my stomach pumped, and that was no fun.

"COMET! It makes your teeth turn green. COMET! It tastes like gasoline. COMET! It makes you vomit! So buy some COMET! and vomit today."

Or maybe it was something else that I ingested. Maybe memories of the COMET! advertising jingle and memories of the story "of the time we had to pick you up off the kitchen floor and take you to get your stomach pumped" have mingled and bled all over each other...

We Kids of the Sixties similarly enhanced the ad for Chiffon Margarine, didn't we? "If you think it's butter, but IT'S SNOT! It's Chiffon."

Friday, December 2, 2016

The Alt-Right in Dulce Jubilo. Left in Mourning. Others Trying to Make the Best of it.

(Actually written very late Thursday night)

[Note Dec 3:  I've removed a couple of paragraphs describing comments I have posted, will post,  or may post in other people's blogs. It takes me a long time to write anything at all, even a small comment. I look back at the time I've spent writing in the comment sections of other people's blogs, and wonder about how much of it has been wasted time.   I am sure I don't have time to write about writing those comments. Take right now for instance...]

Personal Stuff: Tonight I get the reward of writing in my blog because, after a couple of months at the new job,  I've finally gotten  my priorities in order. Today, I not only worked outside the home for pay, but made dinner, cleaned the kitchen, made two big batches of turkey stock and ham stock to freeze, exercised on the rebounder, read Advent devotionals and meditated, and had a delightful spiritual discussion with my 19-year-old son on the fascinating and curious practice of Sun-Gazing and the possibly unrelated potential of inviting the influence of unsavory spirits into ones life.  I watched a relevant father-and-son-reunion episode of NCIS with my husband, and told him I appreciated  his helping me reduce clutter by throwing away  recycling Items on the Island of Thirty Years Accumulation of Misfit Tupperware Lids. He really likes being told he's appreciated, even more than I enjoy surprises. I know he doesn't like surprises.

Political Stuff:

       It's time for Americans on  opposite sides of the political fence to start having meaningful conversations  instead of tossing "gotcha" slogans and Facebook links to "rub your nose in this" fake-news.  The triumphant Facebook crowings of "I put up with Obama for eight years so now you can jolly well suck it up and put up with Trump" just don't seem like an effective way to win friends and influence people.  And on the other side of the coin,  David Brooks at the New York Times had some excellent challenges for the never-Trumpers in "Time for media to do a little listening."
I’ve been thinking a lot about the best imaginable Trump voter. This is the Trump supporter who wasn’t motivated by racism or bigotry...[T]his voter needed somebody to change the systems that are failing her...She needed some way to protect herself... [from] the activists whose definition of social justice never seems to include the suffering people like her experience...
We’ve arrived at the moment of actual governing. We’ve arrived at the moment when Trump has to turn his vague notions into concrete proposals.
...Whether it’s reforming immigration or trade policy, his governing challenge is going to be astoundingly hard and complicated. Surely this is not the moment to get swept up in our own moral superiority, but rather to understand the specificity of the proposals he comes up with and to offer concrete amendments and alternatives to address the same problems.

 Back to personal stuff: Just got a phone call from Mr. Athena upstairs that the stock smelled so good he couldn't sleep, so he took it off the burner and put it in the 'fridge.  Time for me to post a snippet of this at Vox Popoli, and then leave it in God's hands.  Somebody gets mad at me there, too? I.Don't.Care. I've been taught well!

Then, to bed.  Sweet dreams 'til sunbeams find you!