Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Four Years Late and Two Hundred Sixty-Nine Votes Short...

...but RON PAUL did  finally get an electoral vote this week.    Viva la  rEVOLution!

Hello.  Today is "Tuesday what's the News Day" at My blog.   The second biggest news is that I've decided to let people "in real life" know about my blog.  Welcome.

                                               We are Dancing on Common Ground

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People on opposite sides of the great Trump divide have been calling one another morons, lib-tards, unpatriotic flag-burners, racists, baby-killers -- and oh! cover your ears, Baby Jesus -- not real Christians.

I'm not going to wag my finger, because I understand what it's like to care so much about a candidate that I've taken it personally when someone doesn't share my enthusiasm, or worse, outright impugns my candidate's character.

After Ron Paul's second failed bid for the presidency in 2012,  the "fight" just went out of me. I didn't become apathetic, it's just that these days I'm less interested in bringing people over to "my side" than I am in finding common ground.

So, occasionally, on Tuesdays (every other Tuesday? every fifth? frequency will vary) I will post something about a divisive issue here in my blog, and invite people to read it. Please feel free to share your views in the comments. I might still be needing someone to help me make up my mind.

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