Wednesday, December 21, 2016

How Will Trump's Presidency Affect Africa?

So there are three perspectives I've found. One is not-so-hot on Trump, one is from a Trump enthusiast, and one suggests, "let's make the best of it."

First this one from a Libertarian blog. Using forces already operating on that continent, especially with a heightened emphasis on the America First philosophy, Trump may be no better for Africa than were previous president. Washington's Commandos without Borders.

Now we travel to an Alt Right blog. Optimistic about Trump as well as Africa, the contributing author is getting torn apart in the comments by white supremacists. If nothing else, it's illustrative of the wide range of folk who voted for Trump. How Donald Trump can Save Africa.

Next stop: AllAfrica blog to see one black man's view.  In How Africa Should Seek to Benefit from a Trump Administration, Dennis Matanda takes an "it is what it is" philosophy and suggests ways Africa can make the best of it. 
"Ironically, in spite of uncertainty wrought by this Early Trump Era, Africa could herself rebalance her yet-to-ripe partnership with the world’s largest economy. In fact, if Africa proposed an innovative, mutually beneficial and uniquely transformational trade policy blueprint to augment the African Growth & Opportunity Act (AGOA), a real paradigm shift in the U.S.-Africa dynamic should occur over the next 12-month period. ...ultimately graduating Africa from being dependent on the West to becoming a co-partner... Africa must know that she has supporters and strategic stakeholders in the United States. The effort to achieve a new blueprint must start now."

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