Thursday, December 8, 2016

I am Partly Responsible for the Cubs' World Series Victory

For many weeks now, I've wanted to write this post for a "Mystical and/or Mathematical Monday"  at my blog.  Mondays have been pretty busy, so I'm going to use "The Day Off Thursday" to give credit where credit is due.

Back in July, I brought awareness to -- oh! who knows how many baseball fans? and countless others who cared not a whit for baseball but still had the power to influence the outcome of one of its most important contests -- about the cosmic significance  of the number 108.  I got people thinking about  "one hundred and eight" as the number of steps in a complete journey,  and I got folks musing about the wondrous ratio seemingly built right into the relative sizes and distances between the Earth, Moon and Sun.

And the resulting accumulated hours of awed contemplation about 108 being the number of steps in a complete journey was precisely enough to tip the cosmic balance in favor of The Chicago Cubs, whose 108-year journey from World Series victory to World Series victory ended this fall. The story of their triumph is embroidered with many other 108 facts and folklore that has verified as..."mostly true." 

108 stitches in a baseball: MOSTLY TRUE

A.G. Spalding's office originally located at 108 W. Madison Street: MIXTURE

The left and right field corners at Wrigley Field are 108 meters from home plate. TRUE

TD Ameritrade is located on 108th street in Omaha, Nebraska. TRUE

The movie Taking Care Of Business, which shows the Chicago Cubs winning the World Series, is 108 minutes long. TRUE

The movie Back to the Future Part IIwhich shows the Chicago Cubs winning the World Series, is 108 minutes long. TRUE

Emil Verban's batting average in 1950 was 108. TRUE

Before 2016, the last time the Chicago Cubs won a World Series Game was on 10/8 in 1945. TRUE
Some people trust news sites that tell them which news sites are fake news sites. is reliable insofar as it agrees with what I believe, and I think most people who use it to school others, and which others have used to in turn school them, feel the same way about Snopes.

I am glad is not a news site, fake or otherwise. A force for good in the Universe? Ask the Cubs.

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