Thursday, August 10, 2017

Day Off, Face Off, FACE ON

Today is Day Off Thursday at my blog.  I've had a months-worth of consecutive days off at my blog, it would appear. Yep. Last entry July 11.

I have some burdens, probably not any heavier than most of your burdens. It wouldn't do me or the world any good for me to talk a about them here and now. Sometimes it's helpful for someone to read about a burden he has in common with a blogger.  When I get some perspective on the current situations, it may be time to write. (*1)

But I'm OK. I'm trying to eat right (mostly), and to get exercise and sleep, and to spend time with God and also the people I'm closest to, and with those who count on me.  There just isn't enough overflow of energy to spend online. 

(*1)That was fast!!! Changed my mind about not writing.  I'm burdened because ....nevermind why... I'm writing, though these calamities be not yet overpast...


(1)There is a God in Heaven who sits serenely over it all.  DEEP BREATH!

(2)He's juggling the fractals and the Deep Physics and weaving his omniscience and omnipotence in and out of everyone else's free will. HE'S SO WISE! TRANSCENDENT!

(3) MY HEART IS FIXED: The status of the world changes second to second, so it's important to stay in touch with the Almighty God frequently to get one's marching orders, which are sometimes, due to rapidly changing circumstances, no more specific than:

(4) "Put Your Game Face On."  Not a game face to scare away your enemies, but a calm face to show your enemies you aren't afraid of them, and that  you may actually be fixing to help calm them the heck down, too. Not "assuming room temperature" calm, but the calm that allows people to work on problems together, instead of working at cross purposes. MY HEART IS FIXED. I WILL SING AND GIVE PRAISE. MY HEART IS FIXED AND MY FACE WILL SURELY SHOW IT.

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Life Imitates Art

Today is Tuesday What's In the News Day at my blog.

Good news: Wonderful long weekend with my cousins, first-cousins-once-and-twice-removed and sole surviving uncle and his wife in Louisville, Kentucky.

Bad news: The flight home was cancelled.

Good news: The Delta employee at the ticket desk worked out an alternative route home.

Bad news: We had to fly from Louisville to Atlanta to Salt Lake City to Boise.

Good news: That's a heck of a lot of Delta sky miles.


Good news: New kind of puzzle for me (Kenken) in the Delta Sky magazine provided pleasant distraction from turbulence nausea.

Bad news: Got very frustrated with the more difficult of the two Kenken puzzles and erased it twice, while nauseated from turbulence.

Good news: Choice of free in-flight movie offered.  I chose "Hidden Figures," the true story of three women who overcame racial and gender hurdles in the early sixties to make their marks in the NASA program that put John Glenn in orbit.


Good news: The example of female math whizzes Katherine Johnson, Dorothy Vaughan, and Mary Jackson persevering against all odds INSPIRES me to finish difficult Kenken puzzle before the movie is over.

Saturday, July 8, 2017

No More Saturnine Saturdays EVAH!

Today is Saturnine Saturday at my blog.

It's actually not saturnine (gloomy, morose, unsmiling) at all.

But if it were a saturnine Saturday, and I was hanging around not doing much else besides eating Cheetos and doing Kenken puzzles without putting makeup on or even non-lounge-wear clothes....

....I would want someone to come up alongside, put some Paul Eugene on the computer...

...and get me dancing.

O my gosh. This guy is all about fun and joy. He doesn't "guilt" you into exercising, but once you start poking around his website, you start running out of excuses for not getting up and moving. The man has everything from Z fitness routines, to Gospel aerobic exercise, chair aerobic exercise, WHEELCHAIR aerobic exercise... For free, you can dance along to a lot of the routines on his site and on Youtube. I paid a small fee to download one and hope to do so again because I LOVE DANCIN' WITH PAUL EUGENE!

Exercise changes my brain. It really does.  Right down in there at the reptilian, just-stop-thinking-and-do-what-feels-natural level.  I can get inside my head too much, feeling uber-responsible, carrying the weight of the world on my shoulders (or foolishly thinking I can.) Meanwhile, there's a snake sunning herself on a rock somewhere, saying, "Yeah, just had a great workout, and then I ate my young. Life is good."

Thursday, July 6, 2017

How much sleep should you get each night.

It is still Wisdom Wednesday at my blog, even though it is actually 2 am Thursday, and I must be at work at 9 am tomorrow morning.

Q: How much sleep do you need each night.
A: Preferably 7. Any less than 6 and you might as well show up at work drunk.

Ergo, end of Wisdom Wednesday blog posts for this week.

It's 100 and frickin 5 degrees out.

It's still Wisdom Wednesday at my blog, even though it's actually Thursday morning.

What do you do when your car has been left in the sun. If it's 105 F outside, your car is what, 110, 120F I don't know.... 

Props for not leaving dogs or babies alone in there!

Shame about those chocolate bars you left on the seat, though.

OK, so that you don't melt like those chocolate bars, here's what you can do to cool the car down quickly (*1) if you need to leave in a hurry and don't have time  to open all four doors and wait for the hot air to escape before you get in the car.

1) Turn on the air conditioning.
2) Roll down all the windows.
3) Turn the air conditioning vent to the Floor setting.
This process will push the hot air from the floor right out the window. 

The car might actually get so cool  that you can turn off the A/C after a few minutes and leave the windows rolled down while you drive, like maybe your grandparents did when they took your parents on road trips during  summers of the twentieth century.  (*2)

You'll save on fuel that way, you know, and you may not have to repair your A/C as frequently as you would if you drove with the A/C on all summer long.

 (*1) I learned this trick from this month's issue of First for Women magazine.

(*2)  Before they had fancy things like A/C in cars.  But of course they didn't have global warming either.

Old Macdonald Bought the Farm

It is Wisdom Wednesday at my blog.

It's actually Thursday 1:30 am and I have to be at work at 9am Thursday,  tomorrow morning. If I were wise I wouldn't be online this time of night.

But this is important.  To maybe ONE person out there. This is all in code. You'll know if I'm talking to you. No, I don't know who you are.  Don't be paranoid. You've been asking,  "why, why WHY did this happen?  How did it happen?!!!"

And now you may be getting your answer, or part of it.

I'm thinking of the movie Wizard of Oz right now, for no particular reason, except for the reason  this post is written in code. O E O. Ohhh YA. O E O. Ohhh YA. O E O. Ohhh YA.

You've been asking that question, and you've been startled by some of the "coincidences" that have come your way, landing on your lap. Weird, isn't it?  You  know what? This secret you are carrying is a very common secret. Few people know how common, because it's so secret.

And maybe that fact that I just stated is all you need to find the peace you want.

But if it's not?

You might do worse than reading:

 Father Melancholy's Daughter  by Gail Godwin.  Read the sequel, Evensong, as well.

Weep. Remember. Grieve the way you never had a chance to.

Pass it on, when you've healed enough and are ready to pass it on. Might be decades from now.

It's OK.

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

And here's a petition to sign

Regarding my last post:


Honorable Member of the House Intelligence/Foreign Affairs Committee:
I, as a concerned citizen of the United States, endorse and support the bipartisan legislation, “STOP ARMING TERRORISTS ACT” (H.R. 608), submitted by Representative Tulsi Gabbard (D-Hawaii).

This legislation, based on Congressional action from the 1980s, is an important contribution to peace.

I urge the Committee to promptly affirm and submit this Bill to the full Congress.

Click here to access petition-signature page.

Liberals and Conservatives Oppose war in Syria together!!!

The following bracketed comment is one I made on Facebook Share where liberals were bashing conservatives because Trump is about to bomb Syria again. I've been editing it.

[LIBERALS AND CONSERVATIVES NEED TO JOIN TOGETHER AND PROTEST THE ESCALATION in SYRIA that started during OBAMA's term and is escalating further under TRUMP, despite Trump's campaign promises to reduce military engagements. Conservative and liberal citizens will never be able to stop these wars unless they stop sniping at each other and fight the real enemy: the Deep State that put pressure on Obama to switch the goal in Syria from fighting terrorism to ousting Assad, pressure Obama was not able to withstand, starting in 2012...

WHAT CAN WE DO ABOUT IT?? URGE YOUR REPRESENTATIVE IN WASHINGTON TO COSPONSOR HR 608 (sponsored by Tulsi Gabbard D-HI,  the "Stop Arming Terrorists" act) that will  put a stop to  hamper the US's misguided war against Assad in Syria.)]

 I wrote to my Representative, who is a Republican, about the possibility of his co-sponsoring HR-608, the "Stop Arming Terrorists" act.  As of this writing, the bill has only 14 co-sponsors.

Here  is an article with more details if you'd like to write to your  House representative in Washington encouraging him or her to co-sponsor the "Stop Arming Terrorists" bill.  The article is written by a conservative praising Tulsi Gabbard, a Democrat Congresswomen, for her efforts. The author asks the question: If Congress is really serious about "The War on Terror" why have we switched directions from fighting terrorism to funding it?

....and here is the article Congresswoman Gabbard wrote about the act, which she wrote and sponsored. 

The war in Syria will continue unless there is a joint effort by liberals and conservatives, starting work at the grass roots level, to oppose it.    The "Stop Arming Terrorists" Act (HR 608). Praised by conservatives (the good kind, not the neocons), written by a Democrat,  its cosponsors are bipartisan (but their numbers need to grow!),  endorsed by Progressive Democrats of America and Veterans for Peace.

WHAT CAN WE DO ABOUT TO OPPOSE THE WAR IN SYRIA?? URGE YOUR REPRESENTATIVE IN WASHINGTON TO COSPONSOR HR 608 (sponsored by Tulsi Gabardi D-HI,  the "Stop Arming Terrorists" act) that will put a stop to the US's misguided war against Assad in Syria.)

How do I go about contacting my representative?  Start here. 

The Writing-your-Congressmen Option

Today is Tuesday What's in the News Day at my blog.

I try to stay positive in my blog.  I write here when I've been thinking about something that might be useful to a reader. If it's  not useful (or even read) by someone in the immediate future, then perhaps it will be later on when a reader might stumble upon it, via a label, perhaps.

Late last night, instead of writing a blog post about the problems with both the Affordable Care Act of 2009 and the new "Republican Senator" version, I wrote to Senate Majority Leader  Mitch McConnell.

Instead of writing a blog post about why the "if you wage war on one of us, you wage war on all of us" principle of NATO is outdated, I wrote to both of the senators from my state. (A resolution to re-affirm this outdated principle was on the Senate agenda for this week.)

Instead of writing a blog post about the scant evidence used in April to bomb Syria for "Assad's use of chemical weapons" and similar baseless accusations and threats made again by Trump yesterday,  I linked to an article in Consortium news and shared it with FaceBook friends. Maybe they will be able to do something constructive with that information.

Instead of  getting depressed about the inability of so many US citizens  to discuss issues rationally, without ad hominem and demonizing stereotypes, I'm taking the discussion to people who at least have that ability as part of their job descriptions. That'd be our representatives and senators.

Saturday, June 24, 2017

Thank God It's Sunday: Sirius Shepherd

Today is Thank God it's Sunday at my blog.

I'm going to describe as concisely as I can (*1) an experience I had this month with poetry and meditation, a blog and a coincidence.

Looking for something to use as a focal point for meditation one morning, I reviewed some old notes on Methodist preacher Adam Hamilton's discussion of three of Jesus' "I am" statements.

I am the Good Shepherd.
I am the True Vine.
I am the Bread of life.

Now for the blogs and coincidences part. Saint Marty-Marty very faithfully posts poems worth reading. So many poems in this world, so little time! How to even decide what to read? Thank you, Saint Marty-Marty.

Imagine my delight, when, after a couple of days of meditating about Jesus as the  Shepherd, the Vine, the Bread, I landed upon this blog post, featuring the poem "Dear J" by Kazim Ali.

I don't know who the "J" in  "Dear J"  is.  The poet was raised in India by Muslim parents. Maybe "J" stands for Jehovah. Or maybe there is a Jan or a Jimmy whom he admires greatly, seeks to emulate. Maybe "J" is a lover's initial.(*2)

Whoever "J" is,  Kazim Ali's poem to him or her, and Saint Marty-Marty's bringing that poem out into the open  have added more brush strokes to the emerging mental image I have of God.  Far, far above and away, but willing to connect with us, to guide, to nourish.

Jesus : Shepherd  :: J : Sirius

Jesus : Vine :: J : "black strip in a flower's throat,"  "silver thread of sound," " sky to navel"

Jesus : Bread :: J : Sirius

Sirius : Cereus  :: Jesus : Seeker Thirsty and Hungry for God

I say, "Thank God it's Sunday!" when people with differing or even opposing political or religious views help each other see their way clear for a step or two along the journey.  As right as we may think we are, compared to the Almighty and His wise, inscrutable ways,  we're all just stumbling around in the dark.


(*1) I will use the pattern
A : B :: C : D
meaning,   A corresponds to B in the same way that C corresponds to  D.

Man : Boy :: Woman : Girl
Green : Lime :: Yellow : Lemon

(*2) Sirius is the brightest star in the night sky.  Cereus is a blooming cactus.

Friday, June 16, 2017

New-to-You Wheels

"Paint" Job
Today is Family (Secrets) Friday at my blog.

I am so proud of my restraint.

A few days ago, my husband told me he was considering buying a used car from one of his coworkers.  He described the car: make, year, how many miles it has been driven, a there's a scratch on the bumper, four wheel drive, 24 mpg city...and I kept biting my tongue...

...biting my tongue, not asking my husband the question that was burning a hole in the roof of my mouth.

"Sounds good, honey!"

We picked it up around 10pm in the parking lot where his job is. Even though it's nearly summer solstice, and there was still a sliver of daylight along the horizon, the visibility was poor when I first laid eyes on this new addition to Fleet Athena.

I didn't find out what color the car was until we arrived  home, and I could see it under  the lights from our garage.

The End.

Monday, June 12, 2017

Got guilt like a jellyfish...

                          (...oh, I got guilt like a jellyfish...I got guilt like a jellyfish in my soul...)
Today is Mystical Monday at my blog.

Is this cool picture of jellyfish à propos of anything at all? Yes. I hate feeling guilty, and I hate jellyfish, or I used to hate jellyfish.

I stopped hating jellyfish when I visited the Vancouver Aquarium in British Columbia recently. En masse, in all different sizes, behind a glass so they couldn't sting me, their translucence set aglow with special lighting, they were displayed in such a way that I appreciated jellyfish--enjoyed them!--for the first time in my life.

And today, I had a Mystical Monday revelation. (*1) Today, some things I already knew, on one level, about how the brain works became personally relevant:  How one can confront, judo style, recurring guilty memories, harnessing and redirecting their energy, instead of having them sap one's own.

Guilt is a good thing: It's a signal that something is wrong, that one needs to do something, or needs to stop doing something, to make the uncomfortable sensation go away. It's an instinct that keeps people in line so the tribe can thrive.

But what about guilt over ancient wrong-doing? Unless you need to confess to a homicide that  will bring closure in a decades old cold case, guilt isn't going to do any good at all at this point, is it?  And it keeps you from doing any good at all, because it deludes you into thinking you're no good at all.

I'm talking to religious people as well as people who don't believe in God here. What do you do with guilt like that? When you've already done everything you know you should do to make amends, but still, the torment?

We live in a beautiful world shot through with ugliness and cruelty. We've all contributed to the pain: Guilt is a reminder of that.  Well. Instead of being immobilized by guilt you can't do anything about, one could say,  "Aha!" when that kind of  guilt comes a-prickin. "Here is a reminder of all the pain not caused by me that I can do something about." Make that response to ancient guilt a habit, and you'll rewire your brain.

Again, I'm thinking about people who believe in God,  or who used to believe in God, or never believed in God. What harm could there be in asking: "What specific pain might that pain be, and what can I do to help, O God who is or isn't there?"

Someone asked C.S. Lewis  (theologian and author of The Chronicles of Narnia) about the problem of unanswered prayer. He replied that after years of discussing the matter with many devout people, he concluded that  that, while many prayers do seem to go unheeded, the most consistently and dramatically answered prayers are the ones that go along this line:
how can I be of assistance?

If I were an atheist, I'd be inclined to give that a try. Couldn't hurt, and might do a world of good, for two people anyway: the person you helped, and you.

(I've got peace like a river, peace like a river, I've got peace like a river in my soul.)

(*1)  I plagued myself with "mothering mistakes I've made" memories this weekend. Sometimes, my mind with a pathological hunger for all things negative, goes routing around the ancient past looking for tasty morsels. Other times, when I'm enjoying a good movie, for instance, and something in the plot reminds me of something I did wrong fifteen years ago -- and, wow! it's all aboard the bad mommy express.

I'm all for promoting twinges of guilt assailing a mom whose kids are still in her care: Put FaceBook and the dang cell phone down for awhile, mama! and play with those babies, teach them, love them!

But my kids are grown now, and when my train of thought goes choo-choo-choo-chew-chew-chewing  though the cortical nooks and crannies where my least favorite memories are stored ..especially the memory of that one time?...I berate myself into inertia. "It's too late to undo the damage, the warping effects of which you will observe in their lives until the day you die, or until they die, whichever comes first!"

So this morning, after a weekend of this nonsense, I reluctantly and unworthily dragged myself to a volunteer commitment I had made.  A little while into my day, I  had occasion to overhear a man giving a lecture about Chopin.  "As we listen to this dramatic piece composed by  twenty-year-old Frédéric, we have a sense of the emotional turmoil he was undergoing at the time."

And it hit me: I know my son has gone through some disappointments recently, but I haven't talked to him about how he's doing.  "Stop this fruitless wallowing!"I told myself. "He's too old for his mom to be able to make much of anything at all better in his life, but he could probably use a listening ear. Text him, and don't you dare try to wrest from some him some Proverbs 31 "rising up to call you blessed" declaration to make you feel better. It's about him, not you."

"Do you have a few minutes today?"
"What? Did the cat die?" (**2)
"Nothing's wrong. Will 4 work?"

Later that afternoon, my son talked to me. He talked a lot. I listened...well...mostly listened. I didn't ask for a hug afterward, but I got one.

RESOLVED: Redirect the energy of every "I'm a bad mother" accusation into praying a line from Psalm 24 for my daughter, or a line from Psalm 20 for my son.  (Psalm number is incremented with each birthday.)  Ancient guilt doesn't doesn't do them...or anyone...a bit of good. On the days when I'm feeling as spiritual as a Styrofoam take-out box, let the ancient wise word speak,  for me, blessings on my children.

For my son, and for your sons: "The Lord hear thee in the day of trouble; the name of the God of Jacob defend thee; Send thee help from the sanctuary, and strengthen thee out of Zion."

For my daughter, and for your daughters: "This is the generation of them that seek him, that seek thy face, O Jacob...Lift up your heads, O ye gates; and be ye lift up, ye everlasting doors; and the King of glory shall come in.

(**1)  I haven't always been that terrific of a wife either, but my husband is still alive, and he's so preternaturally appreciative and patient with me, that when I do the tiniest out-of-the-ordinary kindness for him, his loving reaction banishes my guilt over the not-so-kind things I've done in the past.

How much more powerful to banish guilt should be the awareness of God's mercy, and the Power!  (Power!) Wonder-working Power of the Precious Blood of the Lamb!  So often, though, crippling guilt coincides with doubts that there is anything good in the Universe at all.

(**2) The feline abides, and she's wanting her bedtime kibble.  Goodnight!

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Wet Soil Weeding. Protest Warning

It is Wisdom Wednesday at my Blog.

There's been a lot of rain this week. My rose bush needs me to prune it, but  instead of doing that, I'm taking the opportunity while the soil is so soggy, to pull weeds everywhere and grass where it shouldn't be growing.

A little Latter Day Saints kid in the neighborhood came up to me while I was weeding late Saturday afternoon and told me he needed to do a good deed of service to report to his Sunday school class the next morning, and might he help me weed?  There are benefits to being one of the few Gentiles in my Mormon neighborhood.

While we working together, he told me that wet soil holds on to stubborn roots less tightly .  I have a good rain hat, so today, I thought of him, and  weeded while it was raining.  It was a thoroughly pleasant experience.

I went inside when it started thundering. though. Best not to be outside when lightning might hit.

So that's my wisdom for this Wednesday.

....And oh, this, too.  If you consider yourself part of "the Antifa"  an equal-rights-and-justice-for all-anti-Fascist" and  have engaged in, or plan to engage in, or are encouraging others to engage in,  disruptive and even violent protests against  speakers who don't share your point of view, you are are a hypocrite, or at best a  fool influenced by herd mentality. (*1)

Here is some wisdom for how to deal with that kind of confrontation: back away from the whole scene. If you really believe in standing up for people's rights, you don't belong in a movement that is trying to interfere with other folks' right to assemble peacefully and exercise their right to speak freely.

(*1) Update June 12. That was kind of harsh, my calling people "fools." But I try not to correct anything but grammatical errors when I do edits long past the publishing date. It seems more honest that way, so I'll let the "fools" stand. I can get just as angry with social justice warriors as I can with White Supremacists. Woe is me.

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Rattlesnakes and Patriots

Today is "Day Off Thursday" at my blog.

This morning, I shared a post from one of my animal-loving Facebook friends.  It featured a picture of a Timber Rattlesnake, the news that there had been many sightings of the same in the forests of Indiana, and the admonition that in case of an encounter---given that these snakes  are on the endangered species list--- it is best to "back away slowly."

It was interesting to read the reactions in the comments on the original post.  The snake-o-philes tended to emphasize the endangered status of the snakes and wanted to see to it that their place in the wild was respected. On the other hand, one snake-o-phobe went so far as to say, "A dead snake is a better snake."

I'll tell you what, you won't ever, ever find me doing harm to a rattle snake. It's not that I'm a big fan; in fact, so profound is my loathing for rattlesnakes, that I am convinced that, should I strike one on the head, the foul thing would, Hydra-like, grow two more great, fanged heads to bite  me with. My big take-away from the Facebook article  was the advice to "back away slowly" if I encounter a rattlesnake. Good to know: my inclination would have been, up til now, to run away in a  zig-zag pattern as fast as I could.

I've known some snake-lovers, though, and I can bear witness to the sincerity and depth of their passion for these creatures.  One glorious spring day,  I was on a hike in Idaho's high desert with some friends, one of whom called out:

"COOL! A rattlesnake!"

"BOY HOWDY! Where?" asked another member of the party.

"Over here. And if you get close enough, you can see...three...four...five more!"

I can't be 100 percent sure of the rest of the conversation. From the distant spot to  where I had removed myself (rapidly, and in a zig-zag pattern, as I recall), I think I may have overheard this:

"Ah, that chubby one over there is *so* cuuuuuuuuuuuute!"

"Isn't he *just*! If he were in a pet-store instead of out in the wild, I'd bring him home as a pet!"

"Oooh, better leave now before you get tempted!"

When they finally caught up with me, we were all able to finish the walk together in peace, and I attribute this largely to the fact that I kept my feelings about rattlesnakes to myself.

There doesn't appear to be much middle ground as far as supporting/not supporting Trump goes.   He is a God-Emperor to some, and to others he is a snake to be driven out of office,  as the snakes were said to have been driven out of Ireland by St. Patrick (pbuh.) And the response of Trump-o-philes is to defend him against those attacks as if he were an endangered species.

The subject of immigration seems to be the most divisive.  Trump-o-philes will point to horror stories about the infrastructure of one locale or another being  insufficient to handle the influx of new-comers requiring services there. And the Trump-o-phobes will point to the many, many stories of families  being torn apart by recent draconian deportation measures.  I'd like to see more conversations where the full range of situations arising from  immigration are  discussed with an aim to finding realistic, humane solutions.   Don't give up on finding common ground with your friends until after the first, oh...six or seven  times.....that you find yourself ending up in an angry landslide of vituperation. 

Right up until the April Syrian airstrike, you could find, in some quarters, cautious optimism about Trump's campaign promises of a foreign policy less about regime change and more about diplomacy.  Since that attack, that segment of the electorate is now divided into factions,  those who recommend that we "just wait and see because brilliant Trump is playing 5-dimensional foreign policy chess"  versus those who counter with "new boss, same as the old boss."

It's good that people are having those conversations, even heated conversations.  There are  tragedies all over the place, and no one has the capacity to care about everything, but at least there are some people who are paying attention to and demanding answers about    the devastation being wrought in Yemen for example -- or in other corners of Over-There-Istan.

ssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssSSSSSSSssssssss chigga chigga chigga chigga sssssSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSsSSSSSSSSSSSssssssssssssssssSSSSSS Crotalus viridus. Prairie Rattlesnake- Idaho.
Now that there's been an exodus from the  Alt-Right by those who are disillusioned with Trump's foreign policy reversals, a significant part of the remnant are folks who never cared about a more peaceful  foreign policy to begin with. As long as they don't end up on our shores, they'd be happy to see immigrants drown in the boats in which they are escaping the hell-holes Western foreign policy has made of their original homes.
crotalus horridus   Timber Rattlesnake. Indiana
What to do about  the fight between this violent Alt-Right remnant and their equally violent Antifa counterparts?    If the battle spills over out of Berkley, it may be getting closer to where you live.   Reason has gone out the window, and high emotions (and in some cases, good old-fashioned blood-lust) are taking over.

Whether you support Trump, or whether you don't, I advise backing away slowly.

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Monday, March 13, 2017

PEMDAS Peace at All Costs

image credit:
Today is Mathematical Monday at my blog. Even if the math is easy for you  (and especially if it's not) please don't stop reading

I've been trying to bend over backwards to make peace between relatives and friends at odds with one another over You Know Whom aka "45"... I don't like questions that don't have generally-agreed-upon answers, and that's one of the reasons I enjoy math.

Let's watch as, finding myself in the midst of mathematical mayhem, I try to make Everyone Feel OK About Themselves, No Matter How Wrong They Are:

Facebook Puzzle asks:
 4 - 4 x 7 - 3

...and gets 369 replies....and mine had floated to the Tippity Top of the "Top Comments List."

Irene Athena: Please Excuse My Dear Aunt Sally, for her mnemonic lacks reference to multiplication and division having the same rank, done in order from left to right; similarly, addition and subtraction sharing the next and lowest rank.

4 - 28 + 3 = -21

Pathogens Evading MDs, AntiSeptics!!!

Like · Reply · 3 · 23 hrs

Proud Angel:  I like it.
Unlike · Reply · 1 · 22 hrs

Somebody Else:  27 bodmas
Like · Reply · 1 · 21 hrs

Proud AngelIrene was correct with her answer of -21.

Some Other Somebody Else27.
Like · Reply · 1 · 13 hrs

Proud Angel:  It really is -21. 
Not sure how you can subtract 28 from any combination of 4 and 3 and come up with a positive number.
Unlike · Reply · 1 · 13 hrs

Irene Athena: I'm standing by -21. Thank you, Proud Angel, for Watching my Six while I was engaged in debate in other corners of Facebook. Speaking of Six, it is the sum of 27 and -21, thus the average of these answers is "3" which appears to be the answer winning the popular vote .

"3" is the answer when the problem is done left to right, without any regard to the order of operations. So if the Order of Operations is merely a social construct, rather than an axiom, doing arithmetic from left-to-right might be a convention acceptable in some circles. Who am I to judge?

I arrived at -21 by following the PEMDAS convention. There are no Parentheses or Exponents, or Divisions, so Multiplication is the first operation to execute; thus, 28 replaces 4 X 7, leaving 4 - 28 + 3.

Addition and Subtraction come next. These two operations are given the same priority, even though Addition precedes Subtraction in the PEMDAS mnemonic (I offered a more robust mnemonic; perhaps this group can come up with a better one.) Additions and subtractions are done in order from left to right.

Thus 4 - 28 is replaced by -24, and finally, -24 + 3 is simplified to -21.

The thought process employed by the "27" contingent is mysterious, but that may be because they're motivated spiritually by a desire to harmonize (by calculating the average value) the adherents to the rigid constraints of PEMDAS rule ("-21" folks like yours truly) with  those whose approach to arithmetic is more carefree, take-it-as-it-comes, the left-to-righters, who, at the end of their journey, arrive at the mystical number "3."

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Making the Case for Makeup

Today is Wisdom Wednesday at my blog.

I had such a good time at work tonight  I give part of the credit to a tube of mascara and a  bit of subtly colored face-paint.

What came first, the happy, confident mood or the makeup? -- did the incentive to primp before work and  the extra measure of confidence and competence spring from the same source?

No. I believe there was something magical about the makeup itself that made the good mood better. The stress caused by multiple competing demands turned to skillful juggling when I remembered:  "You've got this. You're arches are full and symmetrical, thanks to Wet n Wild's Ultimate Brow Kit.

Makeup matters to people--especially teenage girls. Five extra minutes of  grooming  will get you the kind of respect a man gets when he wears a tie. It's shallow, sexist, and true: Clothes make the man, and makeup makes the woman. (*1)

I can't wake to go to work tomorrow. On my walk home tonight I was singing what  Fred Rogers sang at the end of each day with his television neighbors:  "Tomorrow, tomorrow, I'll start the day tomorrow with a smile(*2). for. you!...Til then, I hope your day is happy. Til then I hope your day is snappy!"

(1)Clothes make the man, man buns do not. Go full-on Mandarin and wear a  silk  tang-zhuwang, or else lose the top-knot.

(2) Smile to be enhanced by Wet and Wild's Megaslick's Balm Stain in Rico Mauve



Sunday, February 5, 2017

SuperBowl51 Dangerous Projectiles

UPDATE Tonight the menfolk and I are watching the Patriots and Falcons throwing around not only the pigskin, but their super-size bodies.
Tomorrow morning, I'll be throwing potentially dangerous projectiles  into an economy size laundry soap container, screwing the top on to it, and tossing into my  recycling bin.

Dangerous projectiles??? Yes.  At the recycling center, metal and plastic lids having a diameter less than two inches can fly up during the recycling process and injure workers.

NOTE: Before proceeding, please double check with the guidelines of your local recycling center. I was surprised to learn that mine accepted plastic lids, and you may be, too, if you do a little exploring.

You can safely recycle plastic lids one by one, by screwing them onto their original plastic jars or bottles (some parts of the country have different rules about whether or not to flatten the empty bottles, though....), or you can recycle plastic lids en masse by collecting them in a large plastic container and closing this larger plastic container with its original lid.  Plastic recycling technology has improved recently, and any rigid plastic, whether it is marked with a recycling number or not, is recyclable.

You can recycle metal lids, too, but don't mix metal and plastic lids together. Metal lids can jam plastic recycling equipment. Collect plastic lids in a large plastic container to recycle, and collect metal lids in a metal container to recycle.  

WHAT A GAME!!!! WHAT A GAME!!  Glad I didn't give up on New England after the half time show.

OK, back to recycling lids. Another way to recycle plastic and metal lids is to use them to make art. Scroll all the way through the pictures on this link, and enjoy recycled lid art, everything from metallic fabric to detailed mosaics.

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Day Off Thursday

Today is Thursday, the Day I Take a Day Off from Talking About the Alt Right Blog whose name shall not be mentioned. Naturally, I shall do this by reporting on the answers I received from a question I posed to the comment-makers on said blog, in which I told them I feared the nation was moving toward Civil War, and asked what concessions they thought could be made by either side to avoid this.

My favorite was: "Don't worry your pretty little haid about it."

"Peace! Peace! Where there is no peace!!!"  offered another. He worries about civil war,  too, yes?

But the answer that provoked the most thought was:

Luke 12:51 - 53  (KJV)  51 Suppose ye that I am come to give peace on earth? I tell you, Nay; but rather division: 52 For from henceforth there shall be five in one house divided, three against two, and two against three. 53 The father shall be divided against the son, and the son against the father; the mother against the daughter, and the daughter against the mother; the mother in law against her daughter in law, and the daughter in law against her mother in law.

I've been wondering how this jibes -- and jibe it  must, because it's Scripture, after all -- with Jesus' blessing on the peacemaker.   And  after I'd puzzled and puzzled til my puzzler was sore, and concluded that Luke 12:51-53, unlike the beatitudes, is descriptive rather than prescriptive,  I wrote last night's post, in which I asked: Who is the Peacemaker?

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Who is the Peacemaker?

The peacemaker: it's likely to be the one who dies with the widest array of enemies.

A mild-mannered, "Aw gee, guys, why can't we all just get along?" may sound like an attempt at peacemaking, but if it shuts down the difficult conversations that need to happen before conflict can be resolved, it's counterproductive.

A peacemaker-in-the-making has a more comprehensive idea  than most of exactly why "we can't all just get along," and has the courage -- after keeping his own counsel for a while--to point out to all aggrieved parties, Alpha through Omega, where their own blind-spots are, how they've been at fault themselves.

The first reaction to that sort of uninvited insight into one's soul is almost always defensive.

It's one of the beatitudes: "Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called Children of God."  Is that because no one else wants them?

So, who wants to be a peacemaker?  You have to have a bedrock, unshakeable belief in  who you are, a peace with yourself that won't be disturbed when the neo-liberals call you "a bigot" and the bigots call you "a lib-tard." And then, you have to have a desire to see them....all getting along instead of....jolly well all going to hell.

I can see the temptation for a would-be peacemaker to become embittered by the cruelty and hypocrisy that gets uncovered as he pursues  an understanding of all points of view.  Self-righteousness is also a pitfall. That aforementioned "bedrock unshakeable belief in who you are" is likely to come only after the discovery and remedying of ugliness within one's own character. And once one has achieved a high degree of personal calm and tranquility, what drives him to launch back out into the war zone for the cause of...? what do you call the cause you are for, when you're on no one's side, and everyone's?

They shall be called Children of God. Huh.

Monday, January 16, 2017

Who is a Racist? National Conversation Needed

[Full disclosure, to the extent that  it's anyone else's business: I voted, but not for Clinton and not for Trump.]

A (non-Trump-supporting) Kentucky cousin of mine remarked that the campaign and election of Trump have widened the deep divisions in the nation, and we may be very close to Civil War. He certainly doesn't want that, but he fears it. So do I.

Can you have a conversation with someone you think is a racist? Are all Trump supporters racists?

I've listened to anti-Trump liberals who've answered, "no, not all, and if you supported Hillary instead of Bernie, you've supported racism too, though unwittingly."(*1)

I've read pro-Trump conservatives (not neoconservatives) who've said "no, not all, and please let us explain why not." (*2)

And then I posted the following questions at  an Alt-Right very pro-Trump message board, where some of the commenters are convinced that America is for whites and only those who are descended from Englishmen at that! I'm hoping to go back there and see responses from some who have less extreme views.
To prevent the continuation of "War of Northern Aggression" (aka "Civil War") the nation needs a thorough non-BS discussion about race. All perspectives--and both emotional and rational aspects of those perspectives--need to be heard. Civil, healing and problem-solving dialog needs to be mediated.

This blog attracts people having a wide variety of perspectives on what constitutes "problem-solving," even though most call themselves Alt-Right. Liberals who accuse all Trump-supporters of being racists are way off the mark. Still, I've been wondering about the composition of the mix represented here. About what percentage would consider Dylann Roof's action at Emmanuel A.M.E church in Charlotte to be laudable, timely and heroic?

What percentage would consider the murder of unarmed individuals in a church, under any circumstances, including during war time, to be murder? (I'm guessing, 75 percent?) And to that group: what concessions do you think people at various points along the spectrum need to make so as to avoid a second civil war?

(*1)  Urie, R. ( 2017, January 13). Meet the Deplorables. Retrieved from Counterpunch

(*2) Dreher, R.(2017, January 6)  Burning Out on Race Relationships, Retrieved from The American Conservative