Monday, January 16, 2017

Who is a Racist? National Conversation Needed

[Full disclosure, to the extent that  it's anyone else's business: I voted, but not for Clinton and not for Trump.]

A (non-Trump-supporting) Kentucky cousin of mine remarked that the campaign and election of Trump have widened the deep divisions in the nation, and we may be very close to Civil War. He certainly doesn't want that, but he fears it. So do I.

Can you have a conversation with someone you think is a racist? Are all Trump supporters racists?

I've listened to anti-Trump liberals who've answered, "no, not all, and if you supported Hillary instead of Bernie, you've supported racism too, though unwittingly."(*1)

I've read pro-Trump conservatives (not neoconservatives) who've said "no, not all, and please let us explain why not." (*2)

And then I posted the following questions at  an Alt-Right very pro-Trump message board, where some of the commenters are convinced that America is for whites and only those who are descended from Englishmen at that! I'm hoping to go back there and see responses from some who have less extreme views.
To prevent the continuation of "War of Northern Aggression" (aka "Civil War") the nation needs a thorough non-BS discussion about race. All perspectives--and both emotional and rational aspects of those perspectives--need to be heard. Civil, healing and problem-solving dialog needs to be mediated.

This blog attracts people having a wide variety of perspectives on what constitutes "problem-solving," even though most call themselves Alt-Right. Liberals who accuse all Trump-supporters of being racists are way off the mark. Still, I've been wondering about the composition of the mix represented here. About what percentage would consider Dylann Roof's action at Emmanuel A.M.E church in Charlotte to be laudable, timely and heroic?

What percentage would consider the murder of unarmed individuals in a church, under any circumstances, including during war time, to be murder? (I'm guessing, 75 percent?) And to that group: what concessions do you think people at various points along the spectrum need to make so as to avoid a second civil war?

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(*2) Dreher, R.(2017, January 6)  Burning Out on Race Relationships, Retrieved from The American Conservative