Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Who is the Peacemaker?

The peacemaker: it's likely to be the one who dies with the widest array of enemies.

A mild-mannered, "Aw gee, guys, why can't we all just get along?" may sound like an attempt at peacemaking, but if it shuts down the difficult conversations that need to happen before conflict can be resolved, it's counterproductive.

A peacemaker-in-the-making has a more comprehensive idea  than most of exactly why "we can't all just get along," and has the courage -- after keeping his own counsel for a while--to point out to all aggrieved parties, Alpha through Omega, where their own blind-spots are, how they've been at fault themselves.

The first reaction to that sort of uninvited insight into one's soul is almost always defensive.

It's one of the beatitudes: "Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called Children of God."  Is that because no one else wants them?

So, who wants to be a peacemaker?  You have to have a bedrock, unshakeable belief in  who you are, a peace with yourself that won't be disturbed when the neo-liberals call you "a bigot" and the bigots call you "a lib-tard." And then, you have to have a desire to see them....all getting along instead of....jolly well all going to hell.

I can see the temptation for a would-be peacemaker to become embittered by the cruelty and hypocrisy that gets uncovered as he pursues  an understanding of all points of view.  Self-righteousness is also a pitfall. That aforementioned "bedrock unshakeable belief in who you are" is likely to come only after the discovery and remedying of ugliness within one's own character. And once one has achieved a high degree of personal calm and tranquility, what drives him to launch back out into the war zone for the cause of...? what do you call the cause you are for, when you're on no one's side, and everyone's?

They shall be called Children of God. Huh.

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