Thursday, March 9, 2017

Making the Case for Makeup

Today is Wisdom Wednesday at my blog.

I had such a good time at work tonight  I give part of the credit to a tube of mascara and a  bit of subtly colored face-paint.

What came first, the happy, confident mood or the makeup? -- did the incentive to primp before work and  the extra measure of confidence and competence spring from the same source?

No. I believe there was something magical about the makeup itself that made the good mood better. The stress caused by multiple competing demands turned to skillful juggling when I remembered:  "You've got this. You're arches are full and symmetrical, thanks to Wet n Wild's Ultimate Brow Kit.

Makeup matters to people--especially teenage girls. Five extra minutes of  grooming  will get you the kind of respect a man gets when he wears a tie. It's shallow, sexist, and true: Clothes make the man, and makeup makes the woman. (*1)

I can't wake to go to work tomorrow. On my walk home tonight I was singing what  Fred Rogers sang at the end of each day with his television neighbors:  "Tomorrow, tomorrow, I'll start the day tomorrow with a smile(*2). for. you!...Til then, I hope your day is happy. Til then I hope your day is snappy!"

(1)Clothes make the man, man buns do not. Go full-on Mandarin and wear a  silk  tang-zhuwang, or else lose the top-knot.

(2) Smile to be enhanced by Wet and Wild's Megaslick's Balm Stain in Rico Mauve



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