Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Wet Soil Weeding. Protest Warning

It is Wisdom Wednesday at my Blog.

There's been a lot of rain this week. My rose bush needs me to prune it, but  instead of doing that, I'm taking the opportunity while the soil is so soggy, to pull weeds everywhere and grass where it shouldn't be growing.

A little Latter Day Saints kid in the neighborhood came up to me while I was weeding late Saturday afternoon and told me he needed to do a good deed of service to report to his Sunday school class the next morning, and might he help me weed?  There are benefits to being one of the few Gentiles in my Mormon neighborhood.

While we working together, he told me that wet soil holds on to stubborn roots less tightly .  I have a good rain hat, so today, I thought of him, and  weeded while it was raining.  It was a thoroughly pleasant experience.

I went inside when it started thundering. though. Best not to be outside when lightning might hit.

So that's my wisdom for this Wednesday.

....And oh, this, too.  If you consider yourself part of "the Antifa"  an equal-rights-and-justice-for all-anti-Fascist" and  have engaged in, or plan to engage in, or are encouraging others to engage in,  disruptive and even violent protests against  speakers who don't share your point of view, you are are a hypocrite, or at best a  fool influenced by herd mentality. (*1)

Here is some wisdom for how to deal with that kind of confrontation: back away from the whole scene. If you really believe in standing up for people's rights, you don't belong in a movement that is trying to interfere with other folks' right to assemble peacefully and exercise their right to speak freely.

(*1) Update June 12. That was kind of harsh, my calling people "fools." But I try not to correct anything but grammatical errors when I do edits long past the publishing date. It seems more honest that way, so I'll let the "fools" stand. I can get just as angry with social justice warriors as I can with White Supremacists. Woe is me.

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