Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Liberals and Conservatives Oppose war in Syria together!!!

The following bracketed comment is one I made on Facebook Share where liberals were bashing conservatives because Trump is about to bomb Syria again. I've been editing it.

[LIBERALS AND CONSERVATIVES NEED TO JOIN TOGETHER AND PROTEST THE ESCALATION in SYRIA that started during OBAMA's term and is escalating further under TRUMP, despite Trump's campaign promises to reduce military engagements. Conservative and liberal citizens will never be able to stop these wars unless they stop sniping at each other and fight the real enemy: the Deep State that put pressure on Obama to switch the goal in Syria from fighting terrorism to ousting Assad, pressure Obama was not able to withstand, starting in 2012...

WHAT CAN WE DO ABOUT IT?? URGE YOUR REPRESENTATIVE IN WASHINGTON TO COSPONSOR HR 608 (sponsored by Tulsi Gabbard D-HI,  the "Stop Arming Terrorists" act) that will  put a stop to  hamper the US's misguided war against Assad in Syria.)]

 I wrote to my Representative, who is a Republican, about the possibility of his co-sponsoring HR-608, the "Stop Arming Terrorists" act.  As of this writing, the bill has only 14 co-sponsors.

Here  is an article with more details if you'd like to write to your  House representative in Washington encouraging him or her to co-sponsor the "Stop Arming Terrorists" bill.  The article is written by a conservative praising Tulsi Gabbard, a Democrat Congresswomen, for her efforts. The author asks the question: If Congress is really serious about "The War on Terror" why have we switched directions from fighting terrorism to funding it?

....and here is the article Congresswoman Gabbard wrote about the act, which she wrote and sponsored. 

The war in Syria will continue unless there is a joint effort by liberals and conservatives, starting work at the grass roots level, to oppose it.    The "Stop Arming Terrorists" Act (HR 608). Praised by conservatives (the good kind, not the neocons), written by a Democrat,  its cosponsors are bipartisan (but their numbers need to grow!),  endorsed by Progressive Democrats of America and Veterans for Peace.

WHAT CAN WE DO ABOUT TO OPPOSE THE WAR IN SYRIA?? URGE YOUR REPRESENTATIVE IN WASHINGTON TO COSPONSOR HR 608 (sponsored by Tulsi Gabardi D-HI,  the "Stop Arming Terrorists" act) that will put a stop to the US's misguided war against Assad in Syria.)

How do I go about contacting my representative?  Start here. 

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