Saturday, June 24, 2017

Thank God It's Sunday: Sirius Shepherd

Today is Thank God it's Sunday at my blog.

I'm going to describe as concisely as I can (*1) an experience I had this month with poetry and meditation, a blog and a coincidence.

Looking for something to use as a focal point for meditation one morning, I reviewed some old notes on Methodist preacher Adam Hamilton's discussion of three of Jesus' "I am" statements.

I am the Good Shepherd.
I am the True Vine.
I am the Bread of life.

Now for the blogs and coincidences part. Saint Marty-Marty very faithfully posts poems worth reading. So many poems in this world, so little time! How to even decide what to read? Thank you, Saint Marty-Marty.

Imagine my delight, when, after a couple of days of meditating about Jesus as the  Shepherd, the Vine, the Bread, I landed upon this blog post, featuring the poem "Dear J" by Kazim Ali.

I don't know who the "J" in  "Dear J"  is.  The poet was raised in India by Muslim parents. Maybe "J" stands for Jehovah. Or maybe there is a Jan or a Jimmy whom he admires greatly, seeks to emulate. Maybe "J" is a lover's initial.(*2)

Whoever "J" is,  Kazim Ali's poem to him or her, and Saint Marty-Marty's bringing that poem out into the open  have added more brush strokes to the emerging mental image I have of God.  Far, far above and away, but willing to connect with us, to guide, to nourish.

Jesus : Shepherd  :: J : Sirius

Jesus : Vine :: J : "black strip in a flower's throat,"  "silver thread of sound," " sky to navel"

Jesus : Bread :: J : Sirius

Sirius : Cereus  :: Jesus : Seeker Thirsty and Hungry for God

I say, "Thank God it's Sunday!" when people with differing or even opposing political or religious views help each other see their way clear for a step or two along the journey.  As right as we may think we are, compared to the Almighty and His wise, inscrutable ways,  we're all just stumbling around in the dark.


(*1) I will use the pattern
A : B :: C : D
meaning,   A corresponds to B in the same way that C corresponds to  D.

Man : Boy :: Woman : Girl
Green : Lime :: Yellow : Lemon

(*2) Sirius is the brightest star in the night sky.  Cereus is a blooming cactus.

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