Tuesday, June 27, 2017

The Writing-your-Congressmen Option

Today is Tuesday What's in the News Day at my blog.

I try to stay positive in my blog.  I write here when I've been thinking about something that might be useful to a reader. If it's  not useful (or even read) by someone in the immediate future, then perhaps it will be later on when a reader might stumble upon it, via a label, perhaps.

Late last night, instead of writing a blog post about the problems with both the Affordable Care Act of 2009 and the new "Republican Senator" version, I wrote to Senate Majority Leader  Mitch McConnell.

Instead of writing a blog post about why the "if you wage war on one of us, you wage war on all of us" principle of NATO is outdated, I wrote to both of the senators from my state. (A resolution to re-affirm this outdated principle was on the Senate agenda for this week.)

Instead of writing a blog post about the scant evidence used in April to bomb Syria for "Assad's use of chemical weapons" and similar baseless accusations and threats made again by Trump yesterday,  I linked to an article in Consortium news and shared it with FaceBook friends. Maybe they will be able to do something constructive with that information.

Instead of  getting depressed about the inability of so many US citizens  to discuss issues rationally, without ad hominem and demonizing stereotypes, I'm taking the discussion to people who at least have that ability as part of their job descriptions. That'd be our representatives and senators.

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