Thursday, July 6, 2017

It's 100 and frickin 5 degrees out.

It's still Wisdom Wednesday at my blog, even though it's actually Thursday morning.

What do you do when your car has been left in the sun. If it's 105 F outside, your car is what, 110, 120F I don't know.... 

Props for not leaving dogs or babies alone in there!

Shame about those chocolate bars you left on the seat, though.

OK, so that you don't melt like those chocolate bars, here's what you can do to cool the car down quickly (*1) if you need to leave in a hurry and don't have time  to open all four doors and wait for the hot air to escape before you get in the car.

1) Turn on the air conditioning.
2) Roll down all the windows.
3) Turn the air conditioning vent to the Floor setting.
This process will push the hot air from the floor right out the window. 

The car might actually get so cool  that you can turn off the A/C after a few minutes and leave the windows rolled down while you drive, like maybe your grandparents did when they took your parents on road trips during  summers of the twentieth century.  (*2)

You'll save on fuel that way, you know, and you may not have to repair your A/C as frequently as you would if you drove with the A/C on all summer long.

 (*1) I learned this trick from this month's issue of First for Women magazine.

(*2)  Before they had fancy things like A/C in cars.  But of course they didn't have global warming either.

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