Saturday, July 8, 2017

No More Saturnine Saturdays EVAH!

Today is Saturnine Saturday at my blog.

It's actually not saturnine (gloomy, morose, unsmiling) at all.

But if it were a saturnine Saturday, and I was hanging around not doing much else besides eating Cheetos and doing Kenken puzzles without putting makeup on or even non-lounge-wear clothes....

....I would want someone to come up alongside, put some Paul Eugene on the computer...

...and get me dancing.

O my gosh. This guy is all about fun and joy. He doesn't "guilt" you into exercising, but once you start poking around his website, you start running out of excuses for not getting up and moving. The man has everything from Z fitness routines, to Gospel aerobic exercise, chair aerobic exercise, WHEELCHAIR aerobic exercise... For free, you can dance along to a lot of the routines on his site and on Youtube. I paid a small fee to download one and hope to do so again because I LOVE DANCIN' WITH PAUL EUGENE!

Exercise changes my brain. It really does.  Right down in there at the reptilian, just-stop-thinking-and-do-what-feels-natural level.  I can get inside my head too much, feeling uber-responsible, carrying the weight of the world on my shoulders (or foolishly thinking I can.) Meanwhile, there's a snake sunning herself on a rock somewhere, saying, "Yeah, just had a great workout, and then I ate my young. Life is good."

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